Boxing The Sweet Science provides you with a professional boxing coach in your corner during your workout. With this app you can save yourself thousands of dollars in personal coaching fees and get that lean and tone fighter physique. 

Boxing The Sweet Science provides the following:
-Single round workouts 
-Multiple round workouts (up to 10 rounds)
-2 or 3 minute rounds to adapt to all fitness levels
-Left or Right handed stance
-30 or 60 second break between rounds to enhance cardio
-Randomization of rounds to prevent muscle memory and to provide a unique workout experience every time

Boxing The Sweet Science allows you to get all the benefits of a heavy bag workout such as:
-Build and tone muscle
-Improve cardio endurance
-Improve strength 
-Decrease stress
-You may be able to beat up Mike Tyson

About the trainer! 
It's important to know who is providing you instruction. Without proper instruction, it is possible to hurt yourself or someone else. 

Your instructor, Rick Sweeney, was an amateur and professional boxer. Rick has been in the industry, either fighting or training, since 1982. Rick completed his amateur career and moved on to the professionals, but not before winning the Adirondack Golden Gloves championship in 1985. 

Fast forward a few years and now Rick is handing down 20+ years of personal experience to you! 

Enjoy your workout!

Boxing The Sweet Science, its creators, or parties associated with Boxing The Sweet Science are not responsible for any injuries that occur from using this application. Please be cautious and workout to your limits at all times.